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I'm Detoxing but not seeing fast results:

Here's why:

Bodies detox in a number of ways. It does not always equate to rapid weight loss or pooping.  Some people release all fluid.  Some sweat.  Some don’t notice anything right away then boom you got clear skin. CBD AND DETOXING is about repairing and replenishing as well as ridding your body of things. Our bodies don’t tell the same story so we have to stop expecting the same results.   Each detox tea does something different for me.  You have to listen to your body, understand your system and have patience and faith.  Your body will work at its own pace regardless of what your mind wants.  And we also have to do our part..(what we eat/how much we eat/when we eat it/how much movement do we have daily/what state is your body in...are you stressed, etc) all that matters...

If your body really needs detoxing and you start a detox it will start pushing all that toxic stuff to the forefront..you will get bloated, break out, expel mucus, etc.  It’s the process of your body getting rid of stuff.  It has to acclimate.  After it identifies/reveals the problem areas internally it will go to work and start repairing.  Not all the products will do the same thing for everybody. My whole household takes it and we all have different experiences with it.


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